Kleeblatt TOP-KEG

Tapping like the professionals. With the top keg you can tap your beer at home as in the bar.

With the integrated CO2 cartridge and the tapping from the top of the keg, each glass is pure fun while tapping. The entire technology is in the lid. By the CO2 cartridge no oxygen gets into the product, due to this fact the beer keeps fresh for weeks and can always be tapped perfectly.
The tap can be closed again and the Top-Keg is placed back in the refrigerator. Whether personal or professional operation – the Top-Keg makes a good figure.


Partyfass Top-Keg
  • Special sizes on request.
  • Side seam WIMA welded, inside powder coated, outside protected with varnish.
  • Special inside coating, meets food- and beer specifications (FDA) and keeps the beverage tasting fresh.
  • Also available as Bisphenole A (BPA) non intend-system (Nehring certificated) on request.
  • All available inside coatings according to the food-regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially to the food consumer and article law (LFBG).
  • Production in accordance with Regulation EC 2023/2006 (“Good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to be used in contact with Food”).
  • Welded side seam and cutting edges covered with varnish.
  • No matter which spout-system is used, all closures and external tapping systems available in the market can be used.
  • Top-Keg-Dispensing-System: pressure tapping by CO2 cartridge, up to 4 weeks shelf life after the first tapping.
  • 100 % fully automatic piece by piece leak test in all sizes.
Diameter Height / Volume Remarks
Top-Keg Plus
153 mm
190 mm
3,0 L
Cylindrical, withTop-Keg-Dispensing system,
integrated CO2-cartridge and dispenser in the top.
Pressure stability up to 4,0 bar.
Top-Keg Plus
153/160 mm
246 mm
5,0 L
Barrel shaping, stackable,
with Top-Keg-Dispensing system, integrated CO2-cartridge
and dispenser in the top.
Pressure stability up to 4,0 bar.