The sanitary cans have been the pioneers of the fast-food culture, whether vegetables, soups or complete ready meals can be packed long durable in this tinplate packaging. The can protect their valuable contents through a very long shelf life of several years and kept the contents safe from spoilage. The lossless logistics and storage without the need for cooling allows the distribution of goods in all countries of the world and prevents food losses along the way from producer to consumer.
In times of globalization the can allows to make even the most exotic products durable and to have them always and everywhere available.




  • Measurements according to DIN; special sizes on request.
  • Side seam WIMA welded, inside powder coated, outside protected with varnish.
  • Special protective coating inside depending on the product.
  • Inside and outside coating Bisphenol A (BPA) non intend-system (Nehring certificated) on request.
  • Top ends 153 and 230 mm available as normal /standard type or vacuum-type (profile).
  • Beading-profile according to the technical requirements of filling processes.
  • All available inside coatings according to the food-regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially to the food consumer and article law (LFBG).
  • 100 % fully automatic piece by piece leak test in all sizes.
Diameter Height Remarks
99 mm 65 – 250 mm easy-open-end on request.
113 mm 75 – 250 mm multi-bead-seaming.
153 mm 92 – 265 mm Special height up to 300mm.
easy-open-end on request.
163 mm 95 – 300 mm
230 mm 127 – 310 mm
230/224 mm 127 – 310 mm stackable / bottom necking.