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Flat top drums are very stable round tinplate packages for hazardous goods, which meet the highest transport requirements in all modes of transport, and can be stacked easily. Closed on both sides ex works, the filling will be done through the hole in the top, which is then sealed with an appropriate HZ-pouring closure by the filler (customer). On the top you will find a drop handle for easy handling of the package.

Flat top drum

  • Special sizes on request.
  • Side seam WIMA welded, outside protected with varnish.
  • Solvent resistant compound in the bottom ends.
  • Protective coating inside depending on the product on request.
Diameter Height Remarks
230/225 mm 284 – 382 mm Cylindrical, stackable /necked bottom;
with drop-handle and opening for plastic closure on the top-end,
special beading for hot-filling or gassing products.
BAM-certified for dangerous goods: UN/1A1/Y/130/year/D/BAM, JKD.


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